What Is It

smartGEN™ was granted INNOVATION PATENT in 2018 for designing a Electric Vehicle Charging Station which gets its supplementary power from generation of renewable energy at source via a combination of wind and solar.

 It is powered by a Vertical Wind Turbine and Solar with all generated energy stored within its Integrated Battery Storage System whilst grid connected.

smartGEN™ is a modular system, can be relocated to where it is suited best to moved to accommodate demand for EV charging.

Electric Vehicles are not charged directly from the grid but from its stored energy in smartGEN’s battery storage system thus eliminating all grid impact issues.

Therefore assisting grid operators from expensive grid upgrades and peak power consumption implications as more and more electric vehicles becomes more mainstream forms of transport.

smartGEN™ also provides a charging point for all electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops. Electric Bikes and Scooters etc and can be placed in:-

  • City scapes such as street furniture,
  • Gardens
  • Camping and Caravan parks
  • Remote areas such as national parks
  • Remote communities where grid connection could be too costly
  •  Street lighting
  • Provide lighting in sporting fields and walkways etc.

In –addition smartGEN™ can host other smart devices such as:

  • Security camera’s which local councils and security/law enforcement agencies can access,
  • Extend our 5G wifi and beacon networks
  • Other electrical devices that can be directly connected within smartGEN™.